Madison "Max" McFadden

Theater Lighting Design and Technology

"Theater is not a discipline where you just show up when it's fun. You need to put in work to truly appreciate the fun part."
Hello! I'm Madison "Max" McFadden.

I'm a lighting designer and crew-member for musical
plays, straight plays, and other similar events. I'm fascinated with theater design - especiallly lighting - and every part of design that makes every individual show unique.

I believe that lighting can tell a story just as much as the actors can, and that lighting itself helps the audience truly feel the emotions that the actors convey during scenes.

A majority of my lighting work has been done at Coastal Carolina University at the Wheelwright Auditorium(Pictured to the right) and the Black Box Theater. Ive also worked at Monmouth University, in the Lauren K. Woods Black Box Theater and Pollak Auditorium. In the "Theater Experience" section below, I have provided examples from most of the shows that I've worked on. 
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